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"Kevin.." is a great book for 4-year-olds. It has a beautiful message about acceptance, belonging, diversity and a positive self-image. The story is fairly short, which keeps the toddler's attention, and can be read ‘in one go’ without the child being bored...."




Kevin is a character from the children's book 'Kevin The Kangaroo That Couldn't Hop' written by Jonathan Elabor and illustrated by Jim Tsinganos.

'Kevin The Kangaroo That Couldn't Hop' was published in Australia and has been a bestselling children's books in Dymocks, Sydney (Australia's version of WH Smiths & Waterstones).

Now it's available for children in the UK!

Recommended for younger children, but older enjoy reading it too!

Click here to read the story how Kevin was born written

by the author Jonathan Elabor - I promise you it's a really great story!


"Go over to the water and have a squizz at yourself", said Colin gently.
So Kevin slowly plodded over to the water's edge, all the while watching out for the Crocodile. He leaned out over the water and looked at his reflection...

Book to listen and watch free online

read by Alistair McGowan


Kevin the kangaroo - for children online


If you have a Kindle App on your tablet you can buy "Kevin.." on Amazon now and enjoy this beautiful story with wonderful illustrations.

Alistair McGowan is reading "Kevin.." for The National Brain Appeal's Story Time.

"Kevin.." is now available as a flipbook, to read online. See the free preview and then buy access to read in full. You don't need extra software.

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Jonathan Elabor
Jim Tsinganos


Kevin the kangaroo
that couldn't hop

Children's book in English.

Original Australian version.

Kevin - kangurek który nie potrafił skakać

Bilingual book for children.

Set of two books. In Polish and English, to read and colour.



Meet characters_Joey.jpg
Joey the Kangaroo
Meet characters_Kevin.jpg
Kevin the Kangaroo
Meet characters_Wally.jpg
Wally the Kangaroo
Meet characters_Colin.jpg
Colin the Kookaburra
Meet characters_Splat.jpg
Splat the Kangaroo
Meet characters_Krokodyl.jpg


Stories, interesting facts for kids about Australian animals - cute wombats, kangaroos, kookaburras and others


  Kevin and kids 

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"Kevin.." is a great book for 4-year-olds. It has a beautiful message about acceptance, belonging, diversity and a positive self-image."

Kamila -  "Lubimy Czytać"