Play with Kevin  


 If you’re looking for some ideas for your kid’s birthday party or maybe when it’s raining and the weather is bad  - you are in the right place!

You can download here printable activities with Australian animals for kids different age. 

You don’t need to know the story about Kevin to have fun with the activities (apart from the crossword), but if you’d like to read the book click below and you will see how and where you can buy it.

Printable Activities for Kids

Click on the PDFs to download printable activities and play

 Printable Activities In English  

1. Kevin and his friends are hiding among the letters. Find them!

printable activities for kids word puzzle

2. Give it a try, copy the drawings one square at the time and become an illustrator!

printable activities for kids grid drawing

3. Colour kookaburra Colin - one of Kevin's best friends, who likes to laugh a lot!


4. Can you match the shadows?

Printable activities for kids match the shadow

5. Mr Crocodile is hiding in one of the lakes, can you help find Kevin a way to the lake without Mr Crocodile?

Printable activities for kids find the way

6. Kevin has a problem and wants to speak to Colin, one of his best friends. Can you help find Kevin a way through the maze to Colin?

Printable activities for kids maze
printable activities for kids maze

7. Can you match the missing puzzles? You can cut them and fit them in to see the full picture from our book about Kevin.

Printable activities for kids jigsaw puzzle

8. Do you want to see Wally the kangaroo, one of Kevin's best friends? Join the dots!

printable activities for kids join the dots

9. Solve the crossword and find out what is the national symbol of Australia! 

printable activities for kids crossword

  Printable Activities In Polish  

Instructions on the printable sheets are in Polish

Zabawy do druku rysuj w kratkach
Zabawy do druku dla dzieci rysuj w kratkach
Zabawy do druku kolorowanka
Zabawy do druku dopasuj cień
Zabawy do druku znajdź drogę
Zabawy do druku dopasuj puzzle
Zabawy do druku labirynt
Zabawy do druku dla dzieci labirynt
Zabawy do druku dla dzieci połącz kropki