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7 Awesome facts about wombats

Updated: Mar 19

This cute animal is a character from our children’s book about Kevin. Here are some interesting facts about these cute Australian animals.

Fact No 1

Wombats have pouches like kangaroos but “backwards", baby wombats must be careful not to fall out of them .

Fact No 2

Wombats like to dig holes and that's why their pouches are facing the other way - so that dirt doesn't get into them - Wise Mother Nature!

Fact No 3

Wombats can run at 40km/h, but are rather short-distance runners.

Fact No 4

Wombat’s poo is shaped like a cube and they make around 100 of them a day! And why it’s in a shape of cube? Read here how mystery of cube-shaped poop has been solved!

Fact No 5

The oldest wombat in the world is named Patrick, he is 31 years old. Patrick the Wombat is also the biggest wombat and weighs 40 kg!

Fact No 6

Wombats are great jumpers! They don't look, but they can jump 1 meter high!

Fact No 7

Wombats have poor eyesight and therefore have such big noses. They move mostly by smell.

...and something extra:

Baby wombats have to be fed in a special way, find out here how to feed a cute baby wombat.

Wombat is also a character from our children's book. You can find out more here about Kevin the kangaroo that couldn't hop and his Australian friends.

Photo by Meg Jerrard on Unsplash

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