"Kevin.." is a great book for 4-year-olds. It has a beautiful message about acceptance, belonging, diversity and a positive self-image. The story is fairly short, which keeps the toddler's attention, and can be read ‘in one go’ without the child being bored.

The colouring book is a real hit!"

/Kamila - "Lubimy Czytać"/

"Before I read the story about Kevin, I had familiarised myself with the author's story - what inspired him to write it and it intrigued me, how can you explain to a child that not everyone is like him or her and that there are children who differ from each other, but they are still children who want to play and have friends. That every child deserves friendship and acceptance. That the child has the right to ask questions about things that are bothering him or her and to express sadness and loneliness. I found the answers in this story - the story of the kangaroo that couldn’t hop like other kangaroos, but still had true friends in them.

I hope this story will give our children the courage to ask for help when they are lonely, and to reach out to someone who will need such help."

/Ania - "Lubimy Czytać"/

"Very nice and original book. I’ve bought it for my children aged 4 and 7 and they are delighted.

Beautiful and educational, perfect for a bedtime story. I really like the artwork, which is not flashy as in most children's books, and it hushes the child. The next day they gladly coloured the black and white illustrations.

My daughter learns English at school and she decided to start reading the English version by helping herself with the Polish one.

I recommend the book and I think it would be a nice gift for children of all ages."

/Dagnaster - "Lubimy Czytać"/

"This is an extremely interesting and educational story about the little kangaroo called  Kevin.

It’s an innovative form of children’s book that combines interesting artwork and educational materials. We greatly enjoyed the second book in the set, which turned out to be a colouring book with English text. My daughter started colouring quickly and the most exotic, unknown animals drew her attention, while I was reading to her the English version of the book.

Olivia was happy to learn the new names of animals and plants. It was even more fun that I also learnt some new English words. Another surprise was the crossword – it was fun for another afternoon.

This unique set of books occupies the central spot in my daughter's library because we spent a few days enjoying the books - first reading, then colouring and solving the crossword, then learning English, and at the end drawing the characters from the story. We both know Kevin’s story now and have learnt a lot of new English words.

I heartily recommend this form of education where you can combine fun and learning."